Series A Funding: Everdays Raises $12M, Nears $100M Valuation

Everdays raises $12M in Series A Funding, nears $100M valuation, led by Houston-based Gordy companies, validating Everdays mission to change communication around death.

Mark Alhermizi, January 28th, 2019


As we enter a new year, I am excited to announce that Everdays has quadrupled it’s worth to nearly $100 million in just 20 months. We recently closed our Series A funding round, and Houston-based Gordy Companies, a multi-billion dollar investment firm, led the $12 million investment, validating our mission to change the landscape of communication about death.

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My Personal Experience

The support a family receives during the critical times after the passing of a loved one is small, short-lived and painfully analog. It’s what I experienced when my dad, Ike Alhermizi, passed away a few years ago. It was such a hard and debilitating time, and there was no technology to guide or support the process to make it easier for me, or the community of family and friends who wanted to support me. Everdays is solving that problem and de-stigmatizing conversations around death, helping people feel more comfortable by offering the right kind of support when it’s needed most.

Receiving Funding From High-networth Family Investment Offices

As an entrepreneur I know that a good business solves a problem, and I saw a giant opportunity to serve the millions of people who experience the loss of a loved one every year by giving them a way to bring their communities together at a time that matters most. The demand for the offering was so strong that competitive bidding drove Everdays valuation far past my expectations. This allowed me the luxury of passing on traditional venture capital in favor of high-networth family investment offices that are true partners who identify and align with our mission.

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Growing Our Detroit-Based Team

As our impact in the community grows, we are working to rapidly expand our Birmingham, Michigan based team. I plan to at least double our team of 30 over the next 12 months, hiring aggressively in all areas including marketing and product development. 

If you want to join me and my talented, diverse team that is driven by our company’s mission to change the conversation around death, visit Everdays’ career page here.

Looking forward…

Mark Alhermizi, CEO & Founder of Everdays


In less than two years Everdays has connected over 1.8 million family, friends and community members through valued partnerships with 1,000+ funeral directors. Within the next three years, we are on track to serve ten percent of the 2.7 million yearly deaths in the U.S. to help families connect with their loved ones during life's important moments. 

Everdays brings families, friends, and communities together after the passing of a loved one. Families use the Everdays app to easily share the news and loved ones gather in support. The powerful Everdays Announcement is a dedicated space for family and friends to share memories, events, and condolences.


Funeral homes partner with Everdays to provide Announcements for their client families so they can reach everyone they need. Funeral homes benefit from dramatically increased exposure for their home's brand, which is included in the center of every Announcement, where communities range from 100 to 10,000+ people.

Drive more service revenue.

Everdays is an mobile app that sells your advance funeral services to the audience we build around everyone of your at-need cases.

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