Our Family Roots

Mark Alhermizi

Funerals Help Us Say Goodbye

My father was a driving force in my life. We were devastated when he passed away unexpectedly, and like so many other families, we planned his funeral in the hard days after his passing. After all of our efforts to get the word out, we later learned that many didn’t find out about my dad’s services in time to attend, and they missed out on a chance to say goodbye, to be there for my family, and to honor his life with us.  

Four years later, I lost another huge influence in my life – my mom. Her passing and services reaffirmed what I had experienced with my dad’s services years before – that it’s so important to come together with family and friends, to support each other, and to say goodbye to someone we loved. 

After my mom’s passing, I saw with clarity how I could help other families through funerals – to help make sure people can come together and honor life together – in whatever way feels right for them.  

And I realized the opportunity for change starts long before the day the services are ever scheduled. 

Buying Your Own Funeral Is an Act of Love

If we could give people a way to easily and comfortably plan their own funerals long before they die, their families could one day celebrate their lives in peace, with freedom from the stressful decisions and finances so many are faced with after a passing. 

So we set out to give people a way to buy their own funerals online. 

We believe buying your own funeral should be simple, straightforward, and pleasant. It’s an act of love, and the one purchase you’ll make that you’ll never see for yourself – it’s all for your family.  

It’s All Because of Family

Everdays started because of my family. Both of my parents’ lives and passings helped shape this company into what we are today. Me and my team are one big family, and we come to work every day excited to help yours. 

Welcome to the Everdays family, we’re so happy you’re here.

Looking forward, 

Mark Alhermizi 

Founder & CEO



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